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The passing of actor and comedian Richard Lewis is a sad moment for all of his fans, but it’s something that he and Larry David have been making jokes about for years. The most recent example, in fact, came just three days before his death: In the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 episode “Disgruntled,” Richard reveals to Larry that he’s put him in his will (something Larry actively rejects).

Lewis’s rich career of great comedy was full of moments like this, skewering both his own image as well as social norms, and Curb Your Enthusiasm (on which he made over 40 appearances as “himself”) was fertile ground for his very specific sense of humor. Lewis’s role in the series showcased his long-running friendship with David, as the two butted heads and exchanged barbs in scenes that always carried with them a sense of deep affection: In an August 2023 interview with The Spectactor, Lewis said “In truth, he loves me and I’m his dearest friend.”

There’s more to come from Lewis this season on Curb — according to The Spectator, he’ll appear in about half of the episodes — but in recognition of his passing, here are five standout clips from the show’s 24-year run that spotlight not just Lewis’s razor-sharp comedy, but the deep connection he and David shared.

Liz Shannon Miller
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“Congratulations on the Intercourse”

Many Curb squabbles between Larry and Richard came as a result of their romantic relationships, beginning with this clip from the very first episode, where a prior disagreement between Larry and Richard’s newest love interest has the two men butting heads. Richard’s loving description of his girlfriend’s fine qualities only gets slightly derailed when he and Larry get distracted by the question of her breasts being real; the improvisational nature of the show really stands out here, especially as Lewis nearly breaks character after David brings up Gary Cooper and High Noon. — L.S. Miller

“Are You Sure a Dead Parakeet Isn’t Funny?”

When Richard’s beloved parakeet passes away, Larry has an underwhelming response, despite Richard’s deep affection for the bird. Naturally, this becomes a sticking point for the two men, as they debate the degree to which Richard should be mourning, while Richard calls Larry out for his “lack of empathy and compassion and sympathy for practically everything in your life.” Of course, this makes it all the sweeter when later, Larry looks to Richard for sympathy (as Larry’s once again gotten himself into a socially awkward situation) and Richard has none. “What, you’re comparing this to your dead parakeet?” Larry asks. “Nothing compares to my dead parakeet,” is Richard’s perfectly delivered reply. — L.S. Miller

“Am I Dating You?”

During an event promoting Jimmy Mayhew (Terrell Clayton)’s candidacy for mayor of Santa Monica, Larry and Richard share a brief-but-hilarious repartee about each other’s friendship: Throughout Mayhew’s speech — where Larry and Richard are supposed to be quiet — the duo debates on their “obligation imbalance,” the pronunciation of Mussolini, their fashion, and their personalities altogether. Eventually, Larry playfully asks when Richard will finally kick the bucket. When Larry tries to get the attention of an actor two rows in front, they both catch the ire of a stranger — but it’s Richard Lewis’ “no fucks given” attitude that takes this scene from just funny to absurdly enjoyable. — Paolo Ragusa

“What Do You Think a Self-Portrait Means?”

In Season 9, Richard proudly tells his friends that he’s sold a self-portrait, only to have both self and portrait roasted without mercy. “That’s you from 50 years ago,” Larry exclaims, as both Richard’s art abilities and ego come under attack. As the butt of the joke, Lewis sells “Yeah, that’s me,” by keeping his voice unthreateningly high even as he glares at Larry, eyes bugging. It’s these subtlies that made him one of the great punching bags in sitcom history, and here he takes some whacks. The visual joke is great, too; Jeff and Larry often insult Richard to his face, but it’s not every episode that another of Richard’s faces is around to witness the abuse. — Wren Graves

“F You, I’m Paying”

In yet another brief-but-insane exchange between the two, Larry visits Richard to gift him a scone and make lunch plans for the next day. Richard dryly rejects the pastry, however, quipping that he “would never touch a scone.” Richard mostly laments the logistics of eating a scone: “Who needs all this shit when you’re eating a snack?” Eventually, after some playful banter, they agree to lunch — but this time, Larry is buying. Obviously, given both of their stubborn tendencies, it’s not as simple as that, and the scene ends with a heated, hilarious vow from Larry: “Fuck you, I’m paying!” Let’s hope their last lunch together was as honest. — P. Ragusa

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