Emerging Artist Cody Towell Releases Debut Single ‘Finale’

Findlay, Ohio – January 19, 2024
Emerging artist Cody Towell stands boldly at the “edge of an era,” driven by a profound mission to break stylistic boundaries and deliver Christian pop anthems that resonate globally with the transformative message of the gospel. With a vision to genuinely connect and teach God’s word through music, Cody Towell embarks on a musical journey that transcends genres and captivates a diverse audience. His debut single, “FINALE,” serves as a celebration of bittersweet endings, encounters with the gospel, new life in Christ, and the anticipation of Jesus’ return.


Influenced by artists such as Casting Crowns, Matthew West, for KING & COUNTRY, and Jeremy Camp since his teen years, Cody blends anthemic energy with reflective lyrics, creating an immersive and uplifting musical experience for listeners. His unique journey from a dedicated figure skater in Findlay, Ohio, to a compassionate registered nurse, teaching English in Taiwan, and leading worship services in Korean at Word of Life Bible Institute Jeju, is intricately woven into his music.

Cody’s heart for those who have not heard the gospel, particularly in the “1040 window” of Asia and Africa, takes center stage in his aspirations. His debut single, “FINALE,” serves as a testament to his commitment to spreading the transformative power of faith to every corner of the world.

Join Cody Towell on this exhilarating journey, with “FINALE” as the beginning of an epic chapter in a ministry dedicated to teaching God’s word around the globe. As the song prepares to make its debut on January 19, 2024, it not only marks a significant musical release but also stands as an inspiring testimony to the transformative power of Jesus, His word, and a hopeful heart eagerly anticipating His second coming.

Cody Towell’s mission is clear – to genuinely connect with people and teach God’s word through music. “FINALE” is just the beginning of this extraordinary musical ministry, echoing the sentiment that it’s not just an end, but the beginning – the FINALE (oh woh oh oh!).

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